Ontario-Basketball-Rules-Regulations-Manual  (includes rules, regulations and age specific levels of play))


FIBA Rules – (from, rules, mechanics, 2-person, 3-person, casebooks)


FIBA 2 Person Mechanics (MS PowerPoint)thanks to Tim Laurain


League Specific Rules

XXcel Women’s Basketball League



Pickering Mens



Eastern Basketball League (ETBL)

Hoop City

Uxbridge Men’s Basketball League

Trafalgar Castle School Rule differences

1) 35 second shot clock enforced just like the high school rule, Federation lines on the court to be used even if FIBA available, same as high school
no dunking a dead ball or during warm up, same as in high school.
2) Federation time-out procedure to be utilized
A) Three 60 second and two 30 second time outs per game and any unused can carry over
B) Thus scoring team can call a time-out after scoring
C) Time-out can be called during a live ball by team in player possession of the ball, by head coach or player

How to become a basketball official?

DRBABO is always looking for new officials to help officiate basketball. If interested, please the “Become a Referee” page.

Evaluation Information

CABO National Officials’ Certification Program

Development & Education Resources
Positioning is the Key to Good Contact Judgementthanks to Dave Cutler
Preparing for OFSAA Championshipsthanks to Tim Laurain
The Pregame Conference (presentation)thanks to Dave Cutler
Doing Justice to the Game: Becoming the best you can be (presentation)thanks to Dennis Schilling
Road to the Topthanks to Bruce Covert, CABO PostPlay
Calling the FIBA Gamethanks to Roger Caulfield, CABO PostPlay
Paddling through Rough Waters: Game Managementthanks to Mike Homsy, CABO PostPlay
FIBA Officiating Pointsthanks to Seward Nielsen & Bill Denney, CABO PostPlay
FIBA “Right or Wrong” quizzes
“What Did You Say?” Referees and Game Administrationfrom FIBA Assist Magazine
Refereeing Post Playfrom FIBA Assist Magazine
Concepts of Modern Officiating, Part Ifrom FIBA Assist Magazine
Concepts of Modern Officiating, Part IIfrom FIBA Assist Magazine