DRBABO Awards & Distinctions

Life Members

Dave Kelly (deceased)
Ford Sisson
Gene Schaaf – May 24, 2009
James Lutton- May 24, 2009
Dennis Schilling – May 30, 2019
Dave Cutler – May 30, 2019
Neil Atkinson – Sept 25, 2014
Gord Black – May 6, 2020

CABO Awards

John A. (Wink) Willox Award

The award is given to referees who are considered good floor officials by local standards and who have provided significant length of service to the basketball community. OABO, IAABO and all three officiating boards have awarded Schaaf honourary lifetime memberships in recognition for his dedicated commitment to officiating development within each organiza-tion. Additionally, Ontario Basketball recognized him with an honourary lifetime membership and a Life-time Achievement Award, and the Canadian Association of Basketball Officials presented Schaaf with the John A. (Wink) Willox Award.

Dave Cutler – 2017

Gene Schaaf – 2018

OABO Award

Dutch Decker Award

The award is presented in memory of Dutch Decker who was one of the founding members of the Ontario Association of Basketball Officials and the first and longest serving President 1950-1972. Since 2010, when OABO celebrated its 60th Anniversary, we have presented the award to a deserving member who exemplified service before self within the officiating community.

Dave Cutler – 2017

Ontario Basketball Award Recipients

Gene Schaaf — Ontario Basketball Volunteer Award
Gene Schaaf — Honourary Life Member, Ontario Basketball
Gene Schaaf — Lifetime Achievement Award, Ontario Basketball
John Daugavietis — Ontario Basketball Recognition Award
Dave Cutler — Ontario Basketball Recognition Award

Ontario Association of Basketball Officials Award Recipients

Gene Schaaf — Honourary Member, OABO
Gene Schaaf — 55 years, OABO
Ford Sisson — 50 years, OABO
James Lutton — 50 years, OABO
John Daugavietis — 50 years, OABO
Gord Black — 40 years, OABO
Jim Fletcher — 40 years, OABO
Gary Leech — 35 years, OABO
Paul Goodfellow — 35 years, OABO

Nick Constantinou — 35 years, OABO
Eric Kane — 30 years, OABO
Neil Atkinson — 30 years, OABO
Danny Li — 30 years, OABO
Al Blackett — 30 years, OABO
Earl Schieff — 35 years, OABO

Chito Navarro — 30 years, OABO
Dave Cutler — 30 years, OABO

James Marrinan — 25 years, OABO

Calvin Charles — 25 years, OABO

International Association of Approved Basketball Officials Award Recipients

Gene Schaaf — Life Member, IAABO
Gene Schaaf — Lifetime Achievement Citation, IAABO
Gene Schaaf — 45 years, IAABO
James Lutton — 45 years, IAABO
Ford Sisson — 35 years, IAABO
Gord Black — 35 years, IAABO
John Daugavietis — 35 years, IAABO
Eric Kane — 30 years, IAABO
Danny Li — 30 years, IAABO
Neil Atkinson — 25 years, IAABO
Dave Cutler — 30 years, IAABO